Power of Gemstones

I am drawn to gemstones - I love sourcing them, researching them, collecting them and of course creating with them. Is it their inherent luminous beauty or something more? 

I've become intrigued with ancient forms of medicine. Borrowing from Hinduism and Buddhism, many believe Gemstones have healing qualities.

Emerald - Luck, Harmony Growth

Amazonite - Calming, soothing, balance

Peridot - Harmony, Growth, Renewal

Aquamarine - Courage, Creativity, Clarity

Opal - Wealth, Luck, Protection from negative energies

Aventurine - Luck, Healing, Imagination

Labrodite - Intellect, Intuition, Inner Worth

2020 was a painful year, and believer or not - we all need self-care positive energy and to heal. 

I am always open to the unknown, and regardless of your beliefs - beauty always brings us joy!

Stay safe & stay Brilliant!